Emojis and symbols

▷ Good morning love with hearts and flowers ❀❤️❀

In this part we share some romantic aesthetic phrases with the text good morning love, to greet that loved one in an interesting way with flower emojis, rose and heart symbols, cursive letters and other decorations.

▷ I love you 1000 times typed with emojis ^ↀᴥↀ^❤️

The romantic phrase I love you my love, written in different ways, written in cursive letters, ascii characters, with emojis, with symbols, rare letters to copy and paste on social networks.

▷ Letters with emojis and symbols to copy (◕‿◕)❤️

Letters with aesthetic emojis and pretty symbols to copy and paste on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Free Fire, Avakinlife and other websites and applications, we will also see some alphabets with different letters.

▷ Happy birthday with emojis to copy (✿◕‿◕)❤️‍

We have a new publication with an example of the Happy Birthday text, where we share several designs accompanied by emojis, kaomojis and other decorative symbols such as flowers, hearts, lines and others to copy and paste on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram.

▷ Aesthetic kawaii emojis (◕‿◕)♥ copy and paste


In this publication we find the most sought-after kawaii aesthetic emojis, animals, love, writing, greeting, hugging, etc. many examples to copy and paste.

Emojis and emoticons

On this website we share the most searched and used emojis on the networks, we will see the happy, sad, in love faces and many others. But if you still don't know, maybe you wondered what an emoji is, because it is a graphic or drawing that expresses an emotion or idea and is widely used in electronic communications, especially in social networks.

Is there a difference with emoticons? Well, clearly there is a marked difference, since emojis normally contain only one character and are color graphics, while emoticons can occupy many characters, they also represent faces and expressions but are made up of keyboard letters and other special characters.

Emojis of love

Ya sabemos lo que son los emojis, entre estos están los emojis de amor, en este espacio hablamos un poco de las caritas enamoradas por ejemplo la carita on ojos de corazones o la que envía el beso y muchas otras que pueden combinarse con otros símbolos para tener un mensaje de texto interesante, al mismo tiempo podemos emplear letras especiales para el mensaje para tener un texto mas llamativo, podemos ver muchos ejemplos de esto en las diferentes publicaciones de este espacio.

Symbols, emojis